Antonia Jolley Overview


10th – 23rd May




Due to ongoing pandemic restrictions, plans for further in-person group shows remain on hold. In the meantime, GRADCURATE is proud to present an open-ended series of virtual solo shows. The second artist to feature in this series is Antonia Jolley.

Antonia graduated from De Monfort University in Leicester with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art last year. Her most recent project, Every Body, exemplifies her body positive approach to nude painting.

Every Body is centred around representing every body type, with the aim of inspiring as many people as possible to love themselves and the bodies they’re in. The work challenges ideas of perfection pushed on to us by heavily-edited social media images, proving that there is no beauty ‘standard’.

Driven by her own struggles with body confidence in the age of influencer culture, Antonia wants us to start thinking better about ourselves and how unique we are. Each painting is a real person, with a real story, real struggles, and real loves.

The work is very much about empowerment, education and appreciation; rather than sexualisation, judgement or editing.