Erik Richard H

“Exploring the comic book era take on ancient iconography, I currently combine acrylics and watercolour pasted onto canvas in heavy plastic chunks and enhanced with gel pen illustrations or spray-painted shadowy stencil figures. My main theme is the human-induced transfiguration of nature.

Born in ’92 in the mountain region of Northern Bohemia, I trained myself in painting, drawing and writing before embarking on a journey through multimedia and film industry, academically concluded in ’16 with a master’s degree. Currently I reside and work in Edinburgh, exploring new grounds and art inspiration in Scotland”.

Gazing at Nietzsche [Watercolour on Canvas]. 28 x 35 cm. NFS.

This Cat Is Following Me All the Way From Egypt [Acrylic and Gel Pen on Canvas]. 28 x 35 cm. £50.