Maria Young

“My Art is a true representation of both myself and my journey through life. Only now I understand why I opted to travel in the direction I did; loyalty to the point of reaching self-destruction, openness and honesty to the point of being targeted, individuality and a chaotic persona to the point of a complete lack of understanding. I hope my art draws you in closer questioning and trying to unfold the artists persona given the above statements.

The chaotic style of all my art is me, the journey, the person, the order in which my life has unfolded – back to front, upside down. But through both turbulence and happiness always intending to achieve a final goal, however sporadic the path travelled”.

Sporadic Chaos [Glass and Enamel]. 60 x 40 cm. £340.

Don’t Fall Down [Glass]. 22 x 18 cm. £140 .