Sophia Pauley

“I focus on the spaces in between the physical forms of the urban landscape, using a bright contrasting palette to accentuate the flowing shapes. The shapes, lines and composition of my work stem from architectural environments associated with water, especially swimming pools, lakes and the sea.

My practice was inspired initially by my love of swimming. I recreate my experiences of particular places by recording, using drawing and photography, then remembering and re-imagining, both visually and emotionally. I aim to transfer these experiences into a more interactive environment for the viewer, initiating movement around the exhibited work as well within.

More recently I have enjoyed using a wider range of materials, including glosses, varnishes and spray paints to create different textures and to insinuate movement. My finished work uses the media of painting on canvas or wood, screen printing and painted sculptural installations”.

Spatial Tension [2 x Acrylic on Canvas]. 90 x 120 cm each. £1900.

Intrusion [3 x Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas]. 21 x 30 cm each. £290 each (framed), £270 (unframed).