Alexandra Santos Ocasio

Alexandra Santos Ocasio
MLitt Fine Art Practice // Glasgow School of Art ’19

Alexandra was born in Puerto Rico, where she currently lives and works – having previously moved to Milan to study for a degree in Design, and then to Glasgow to complete a Fine Art Master’s.

Her practice focuses on symbolism and the creation of personal myths, alluding to the universal quest for the meaning of life.

“I was raised in the small town of Gurabo by a Catholic family composed of my grandmother, my parents, my older and twin sisters, and me. While instilling a high sense of discipline, our parents also granted us with the freedom to explore our talents and passions, and now we are three strong and empowered women.

Art has been the centre of my life for the last decade. I have come to understand the world and learn about different experiences and cosmologies through it. Art helps me fall in love with the world no matter what, but art is also a big responsibility that requires hard work every day.

Through the last six years I have developed my work around my human awakening. Each piece developed contains the agony of existing and the passion for living. I believe every work of an artist is an evidence of a deepen contact to himself, with the humanity, and with the Universe.

The ongoing Evidence of My Trip to Heaven series explores transcendental states and spaces through speculative compositions, created in quarantine during the current pandemic. It is evidence that the body can be escaped by using the imagination and material resources to inhabit and explore thoughts in their most free expression. Using abstraction and a very limited colour palette and shapes, the series consists of painted collages and other objects of extended painting.

It includes bidimensional works, which are sketches of ‘the memory of a visit’, and prototypes objects for the ‘visitor’-artist. Heaven in this context is any place, any state possible, ambitioned or dreamed, thus positions the artist as a god-creator of their own company and their own salvation. Confinement does not trap the artist. With labour and solidarity, the artist can travel and become an entity of transcendental vision”.

Alexandra’s work has been widely exhibited in Puerto Rico, Croatia, the UK and USA. She was recently selected as a finalist for the Left Bank Leeds Prize.

Prototype: Necklace for the Heaven Visitor
Mixed media on fabric
30 x 55 cm
USD $500

Prototype: Welcome Rug for the Heaven Visitor
Mixed media on fabric
60 x 60 cm
USD $500


MLitt Fine Art Practice, Glasgow School of Art.
Degree in Design, Domus Academy, Milan.
Bacherlor’s Degree in Communications, University of Puerto Rico.


Topografías de campo y espacio, Matadero Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Nostalgija, Osjecko Ljeto Kulture, Croatia. ​

Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art.
Mythologies: A Refraction (UNA Festival), Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.
Hopelessly Devoted, The Garment Factory, Glasgow.
Rays of Light, Project Space, Glasgow.

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself , Cigar Factory LIC, Long Island City, NY.

Línea Dura, Galería de la Universidad Inter Metro, San Juan Puerto Rico.
Museo de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.
Galería de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.
Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Del Natural, Galería San Juan Bautista, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Drawing Conclusions, Walter Otero Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
El Silencio Infinito, Hidrante, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The World was Getting Smaller, El Cuadrado Gris, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
FaKtura, La Productora, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Formas de volver, Matadero Contemporary Art, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rincón. Agorafobia, Área: Lugar de Proyectos, Caguas, Puerto Rico.
1, 2, 3, 4, The Art Room San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Outspoken Arts Scotland Instagram Takeover

Dumfries House Art Residency, Ayrshire.

R-House Art Residency, Rincón, Puerto Rico.


Left Bank Leeds Art Prize Finalist

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