Beth Wise

Beth Wise
BA (Hons) Fine Art // University of Central Lancashire ‘19

Beth is based in Preston, in the North West of England.

Her work focuses on the traces left behind by humans and the marks they imprint on objects like library books. Her sculptural works combine different tactile surfaces by embedding and trapping soft fibres in concrete and plaster, playing with the properties of these objects.

“My work is concerned with duration, materiality and the traces humans leave behind. Imprints are left everywhere we look; a mark from a coffee cup, the fold of a book page. I transform these moments and adapt them into playful works that are carefully chosen and paired with the right materials.

Using a combination of soft and hard materials allows me to distort and move the audience into thinking about the properties that are associated with certain objects. I focus closely on the materials I use to discuss the temporary and time-based themes of my practice. I have developed a method of capturing images of objects with a photocopier, creating layered and highly details ‘paintings’, made with a straight line of light.

I repetitively scan the same objects again and again until I create the correct combination of shape, line and contrast. This way of working takes a matter of seconds but involves me contorting and twisting the objects quickly on the glass surface, having to be concise and deliberate with my movements”.

Beth has been involved in several exhibitions in the North West, as both an artist and curator. Throughout her studies, she volunteered for a number of projects, including the Lancashire Arts Festival, International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair and Hanover Project, to name just a few. As part of her degree show, she was nominated for the Fine Art (3D) category award (2019).

Photocopy (plastic, foam), cotton fabric and dye
350 x 240 cm
NFS; Smaller fabric prints can be produced on request

Concrete, plastic pipe, wool/knitting
80 x 100 x 30 cm


2016 – 2019
BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class Honours, University of Central Lancashire Preston.

2015 – 2016
Foundation Diploam Art and Design, Runshaw Adult College, Lancashire.


IN MY HOUSE, Curated by Abigail Miller.

Degree Show, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.
G R A F T: A show of UK young artists, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston.
UKYA City Takeover, Nottingham.

IN THE LOOP, Hanover Project, Preston, Lancashire.
THIS IS ALL I HAD, Hanover Project, Preston, Lancashire.
PRIDE and ART, UCLan Pride.
So Many Ideas, UCLan Library, Preston, Lancashire.


ORBIT Instagram Takeover


UCLan Degree Show Awards: Fine Art (3D) category, Nominee.

Other Experience

Artist Talks

GRAFT, Harris Museum and Art Gallery artist introduction (livestreamed).

THIS IS ALL I HAD Talk delivered to first-year UCLan students
One to one tutorials with Foundation Art and Design students at Runshaw Adult College

2016 – 2018
Yearly talk to Foundation Art and Design students, Runshaw College & Adult College.


BBC Radio Lancashire, Interview about G R A F T: A show of UK young artists.
Pulse Media, recorded a video interview for THIS IS ALL I HAD exhibition in conjunction with UCLan Pride.

Work Experience

2020 – Present
Digital Media and Content Assistan, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Degree Show Panel
Condition checking and de-installation work for G R A F T: A show of UK young artists, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Lancashire.

2018 – 2019
International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair UCLan Stand

Curatorial Assistant for Clem Crosby, Hanover Project, Lancashire.
Student Ambassador, Lancashire Arts Festival Degree show private view and school visit.

2017 – 2019
Curatorial Assistant Intern, Hanover Project, Lancashire.
Social Media Editor, Hanover Project.