Dimitra Bouritsa

Dimitra Bourista
MVA Painting // Athens School of Fine Arts ’20

Born in Athens, Dimitra has just gained her third Master’s Degree. She previously studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, followed by Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels.

Dimitra’s influences include Paula Rego, James Ensor, Honore Daumier, Neo Rauch, Kiki Smith, Kara Walker and Peter Doig. Her work combines elements of fairytales, animals and fantastic creatures with common images and established archetypes of western culture. Through this, she attempts to make a statement about contemporary society, its values and the position of women in it.

These paintings are from Dimitra’s Memories d’un fou series – a visual diary of fairytale scenes and unexpected events in imaginary places.

“Storytelling is the essence of human existence. Since Homer up to Netflix, this is what keeps humanity going. Gossip is the salt and pepper of life. Everyone has something to share, in one way or another, and in our days as we all know it is so easy, each and every one creating their own personal myth and claims moments of fame among potential fans. I try to tell stories too.

My stories are about me, my family, things I see and experience in the street, camouflaged through the fantastic world of my imagination. Sometimes they are not even at all about real things, as a way of escape from the dullness of everyday life. Books and literature have been my best friends since childhood and continue to do so. My images are often inspired by them, mostly from the sensation they create in my mind, rather than the narrative itself.

The surreal element is important to me. Animals and plants obtain a personality; they become supreme, while humans are minor. Sometimes they create hybrid creatures, coexisting in fairy tale landscapes. The main characters are women. Some themes derive from history, and mostly from history about colonisation, stories of violence. You will not see violence in my work, as the goal is elevation, a sense of atonement”.

Dimitra has previously exhibited her work in Greece, Germany and Lithuania.


A heap of broken images where the sun beats
Oil on canvas
160 x 120 cm

On me raillait de ma chasteté
Oil on canvas
190 x 170 cm


2006 – 2012
MA Architectural Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.

2010 – 2011
Laboratory of Scenography Athens of Maria Chaniotaki (LSA)

2013 – 2014
MVA Sculpture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels.

2015 – 2020
MVA Painting, Athens School of Fine Arts.


Solo exhibition, Phoenix Athens gallery.
Xouth Festival at Artens, Athens.
Contrast, group exhibition, Villa Haacke, Potsdam.
Love is a Dog From Hell, group exhibition, Frissiras Museum, Athens.
An Elephant in the Room, group exhibition, Phoenix Athens gallery.

Solo exhibition, Eikastikes Anazitiseis space, Athens.
1st International Contemporary Women Artists’ Biennale, Gelgaudiskis Manor, Lithuania.

Produits de la Méditerranée, solo exhibition, Match Point Exhibition Room.

​Group exhibition, Time of Art gallery, Athens.


Rossignol Jazz Festival Poster Contest, 3rd Prize.

Other Experience


Aesthetica Magazine, issue #84.
Food & Love, issue #4.

Work Experience

Internship, Department of Special Construction and Costumes, National Theater of Greece.

Group seminar, Prague Quadrenniale of Scenography and Performance.

Internship, Archives of Modern Architecture of Brussels.

Volunteer, Filmer à Tout Prix Film Festivasl, Brussels.