Ekaterina Adelskaya

Ekaterina Adelskaya
BA (Hons) Fine Art // BHSAD ‘19

Ekaterina is a Russian multimedia artist, born in Moscow, and currently based in London. She graduated from the Russian State University of Cinematography in 2012. Gradually, alongside working on film projects, she became interested in fine art. She then went on to study at the University of Hertfordshire’s British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow.

“My practice explores the theme of human destructiveness. In particular, my research is focused on human nature: an inherent and constant dichotomy of destruction and creation, death and life (sex) instincts, or repulsive and attractive impulses. Conceptually, I have been considering the theories of Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm and Georges Bataille, whose ideas overlap with my personal viewpoints on the destructive and contradictory nature of mankind. Psychology, philosophy and the natural process of physical decay are my main sources of inspiration.

Through non-traditional methods of art making, for example burning, melting or dissolving, I experiment with materials’ potentiality, creating three-dimensional works that revolve around transformative reactions. In the process of material destruction, I see something beautiful and ugly, something ‘uncanny’ or even some elements of ‘convulsive beauty’, in which a damaged object presents a singular aesthetic form. The element of chance and uncontrolled power is also taking place in my practice when I melt fabrics, as can be seen in the Hidden Organic Structure (2019) series.

Focusing mostly on textiles, I use colours as conveyors of emotions. Colours and tones represent, for me, the nuances of our physical existence, which are derived from observation, associations and personal sensitivity. Nevertheless, I do not separate colour from form, they are strongly bound, influencing each other.

A good example of this relationship is my work A wedding of contradictions (2018) which explores the juxtaposition of something pleasing with something repulsive. Silk material refers to sexuality, while a human body is evoked by the skin-like appearance of fabric and its plastic expression through gravity. The opposition expressed through contrasting textures, soft silk and burnt holes, that is emphasised by a sense of dynamism like a flow of diverse moving impulses.

I am interested in continuing to experiment with spontaneous biomorphic shapes, colours and textures that are echoing human anatomy in an abstract sensual manner as well as raising the question of the complexity of human nature”.

During her time at the BHSAD, Ekaterina won first prize in both the IZO Gallery’s Urban Landscape Competition (2019), and the Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre’s Space Competition (2015). Her work has previously been exhibited in Russia and South Korea – with the CICA Museum in Samdo-ro owning one of her sculptures as part of their permanent collection.


Hidden Organic Structure I
Polyester textile, clay
30 x 20 x 8 cm

Hidden Organic Structure II
Polyester textile, clay
38 x 25 x 7 cm


BA in Fine Art (First Class Honours), University of Hertfordshire & BHSAD, Moscow.

BA in Advertising, University of the Arts London.

BA (Specialist, 5 years course) in Film Production, Russian State University of Cinematography, Moscow.


Art After Pandemic (Online), Artifact gallery, New York, USA.
Perspectives 2020, CICA Museum, Samdo-ro, South Korea (submitted work acquired by museum as part of permanent collection).

Soup, Center ZIL, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
Horror, American Cultural Centre, Moscow, Russia.
Essence, IZO Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Where do the vines lead, Center Rama, Sevastopol, Crimea.
Praxis Degree Show, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia.
Urban Landscape, IZO Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Mutatio, The Media Centre N67, Moscow, Russia.
Transformation of Matter, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia.

Marathon of arts, IZO Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Beyond the Pain, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia. Look for a miracle, The Library N85, Moscow, Russia.
Symbiosis, Espacio gallery, London, UK.

Open Workshops, The Library N10, Moscow, Russia.
BreatheIn, GastroFerma, Moscow, Russia.

Site responsive works, Artplay Design Center, Moscow, Russia.

Space, Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia.


UPPA, UPPA Winery, Rodnoye village, Sevastopol, Crimea.

Open workshops, Library N10, Moscow.


Urban Landscape Competition award, IZO Art Gallery.

Space Portfolio Competition award, University of Gloucestershire & INTO scholarship.

Other Experience

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Workshop, VDNH: smart city, Moscow, Russia.

Guest tutor, British Higher School of Art and Design – Pre-foundation course, Moscow, Russia.

Series of workshops, The Library N10, Moscow, Russia.

Curatorial Projects

Transformation of Matter, curator, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow.

Beyond the pain, curator, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow.
The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art: special program, Curator’s assistant, Center MARS.
Impossible is inevitable. Ideas that change the world, Research assistant, The Jewish Museum, Moscow.

BreatheIn, curator, GastroFerma, Moscow.

Internships and Commissions

“Life installation”, Artist and Curator, Live Journal – Picnic A`isha, Moscow.

“October”, Cai Guo-Qiang’s Volunteer, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow,
“The Surface of The Image Plane”, Artist Anya Mokhova’s assistant, L’appartement, Moscow.

“Dvoe” contemporary ballet, Art director & Set designer, Flacon design-zavod, Moscow.

“Caracal” Disclosure’s music album, Art director, Island Records, London.