Emma Missal

Emma Missal
BA (Hons) Fine Art // Biarritz School of Art ’18

Emma is a French-Polish artist currently based in Paris.

“I let myself be guided by my gaze which bounces from an element to the other. I am not looking for a specific point; I photograph the details of everything around me, which allows me to see what does not necessarily exist in the eyes of others, each element hides another and grows its importance.

I look for the confrontation of images in the photographic field. I am interested in reflections and shadows that naturally recreate new sets. My work plays a lot on subjects and superposition, two elements that confront each other to recreate a new visual in a different way.

For my collages, I use paper magazines to navigate through them and choose the elements that interest me and, by accumulation, I select, classify to compose the base material for my work. The elements, combined create another world and allow to escape from the rational to get rid of the reality. My collages, allow to open ourselves to the first vision, to the first idea, and not to look for the exact representation of what we found.

The disorientation offers new locations and gives place to an almost natural, though surrealist, montage, which seems obvious to me. The accumulation and my composition choices erase the ‘sense’ of the first image. Some details are dispersed and others are given to see: I reveal them”.

Emma has been involved in several group exhibitions, and was in the middle of her first solo show when France went into lockdown earlier this year. In the future, she hopes to adapt her practice to make large-scale collages and is also interested in working on collaborative projects.


The Real of the Unreal
42 x 30 cm


BA (Hons) Fine Art, Biarritz School of Art, France.


Reflet, Dock B, Pantin, Paris.

Nation Photo Free Analog Contest, Paris.

Final School Exhibition, Villa Robinson, Biarritz.
Long Live Painting with Agnès Thurnauer.

Street Exhibition, Biarritz.

Other Experience

Interview, Artistik Reso.