Isabelle Kenningham

Isabelle Kenningham
BA (Hons) Fine Art // Newcastle University ’20

Isabelle is based in the North of England.

“I primarily make drawings and prints based around storytelling, tragedy, and lesbian desire. Working with monoprint and monotype, I create images that combine imaginary figures and locations with icons and images from a history of painting, literature, and film to create multi-layered narratives of a theatrical, queer, and melodramatic world; in doing so, I create space to explore, criticise, and reflect on histories that are frequently obscured or lacking.

I approach camp as a discursive tool of research and exploration. I find camp frequently in scenes of heightened, over-wrought emotion and I seek to use this as a way of approaching lesbian histories. I am very interested in the relationship of camp and class, particularly in the context of lesbian lives and stories, and the role of the archive on the bearing of history. As such, my prints are drawn from collage and appropriated imagery, collapsing and colliding fragmentary sources to create a new queer whole.

The materiality and process of printmaking is also very important to my practice. I am interested in how the perception of the image is shaped just as much by its medium as well as by its content or context”.

As a student, Isabelle exhibited her work in a variety of space across Newcastle. She recently received the NCL+ Advanced Award in Research (2019) for her project ‘Drawing as Activation and Recovering the Family Photograph’.

The Tragic Butch
Monoprint on shoji paper
40 x 44 cm

Monoprint on fabriano paper
50 x 70.5cm


BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle University.

Art Foundation, Leeds Arts University.


Fourth Year Interim Show, XL Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Home, XL Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.
The Late Shows, LOT, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Here’s One I Made Earlier, The Hancock Pub, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Breakthrough, XL Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Saga, Newcastle University First Year Show, Tyneside Cinema Pop Up Space, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Foundation End of Year Show, Leeds Arts University.


NCL+ Advanced Award in Research, Drawing as Activation and Recovering the Family Photograph.

Other Experience

Artist for The Happiness Project, The Great North Elmer Parade.