José Cruz

José Cruz
BA (Hons) Fine Art // University of Costa Rica ‘20

José is a visual artist based in Alajuela, Costa Rica – working primarily with photography, illustration and traditional and digital painting and drawing.

“The image is like a reflection of our being, which does not respond to a logical or linear structure. It is conceived as pure and merely connotative, defining it as a door that allows us to propose multiple interpretations (both personally and collectively) based on the re-signification of elements of our daily lives.

From this perspective, sub-themes that predominate in my work are then generated, however this absence of explicit actions and the ambiguity of the elements depicted, establish a series of questions rather than answers, which then let us build a poetic image. An image that disguises a series of emotions and ideas within a particular object or subject.

Thus, my process of painting is deeply connected with photography. The latter seen as an intuitive way of creating images that support the painting process, which in turn synthesizes, manipulates and interprets the visual information in the photographs, in order to build new images”.

José has been involved in several solo and collaborative projects in the last few years, and has exhibited his work in a variety of spaces, ranging from independent artist-run galleries, to the National Gallery of Costa Rica.

Portrait X
Digital drawing
27.9 x 35.6 cm
USD $50

Sin Título
Oil on canvas
100 x 150 cm
USD $625


BA (Hons) Fine Art, with an emphasis on Pictoric Design, University of Costa Rica.


Modernos y Universales, Museum of Design and Contemporary Art, San José, Costa Rica.

Paisaje Universitari, University of Costa Rica.

Group exhibition, Cátedra of Pictoric Design, Francisco Amighetti Gallery.
Espacio Emergente, National Gallery of Costa Rica, San José.

Other Experience

Collaborative project: Cuarto de estudio, Artistic center Teorética, Costa Rica.