Khaoula Karaweigh

Khaoula Karaweigh
MA Painting // Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL ‘18

Khaoula was born in Rabat and is now based in London, having moved there to obtain her second Master’s Degree, after previously studying at the the Moroccan National School of Architecture.

Principally working with acrylic and canvas, she draws from her own experience to explore the themes of identity, feminism and trauma. The recurring focus of her work is the female body, sometimes god-like in its power, sometimes rendered monstrous by pain and grief: hands and nipples become claws, vulnerable organs protrude in angry defiance and devastated faces blur or become invisible.

These mutations are all acts of self-preservation and rebellion, a desperate and angry defence against bodily corruption and the horrors that seek to penetrate vulnerable flesh.

These paintings evoke the artist’s childhood desperation to see those vulnerable women around her finding the strength to occupy space and challenge their abusers.

Her artistic work strives to explore the potential of subjugated women and goes hand in hand with her activism as a founding member of the Free Feminist Union (UFL) in Morocco.

During her time at the University of the Arts in London, Khaoula took part in several exhibitions with other students. This year she has been involved in an online group exhibition organised by the Gallarty gallery in Russia, and has also curated an exhibition on her website.

Bad News
Acrylic, hessian and grain gel on canvas
90 x 120 cm

The Witness
Acrylic and grain gel on canvas
100 x 124 cm


MA Painting, Wimbledon College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

Masters in Architecture, The National School of Architecture, Rabat, Morocco.

Bachelors in Architecture, The National School of Architecture, Rabat, Morocco.


It’s not your body, Online group exhibition, Gallarty gallery, Moscow, Russia.
…and FEMALE, Online group exhibition.

UAL MA Painting Degree show, Wimbledon space, London.
Squeezed!, UAL Mid-term group show, The nunnery gallery, London.

At it!, UAL group show, Wimbledon space, London.

Other Experience

Co-founder of L’Union Féministe Libre (UFL) NGO, Rabat, Morocco.