Lewis Deeney

Lewis Deeney
BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice // DJCAD ’20

Lewis grew up in Dumbarton before moving to Dundee to pursue a Contemporary Art Degree.

The role of the artist was a natural one for Lewis to play, after the realisation that the society which puzzled him was “simply a social construct, a game many of us take too seriously”. His work is therefore an act of playful awareness, believing that creation is a unique expression of our shared humanity.

A student of Yoga and meditation, these practices greatly inform Lewis’ work. The underlying philosophy behind his art is balance. He juxtaposes expressive abstract painting and hard-edged geometric compositions to confront the opposites with each other, to create a conflicting yet unifying overall work.

“A meditation in creation and observation: my work is centred around philosophical and psychological concepts, which are re-contextualised and communicated through the universal language of geometry, creating an open space for free association and contemplation. Reflecting on humanity’s instinctive relationship with mark-making, I seek to cultivate mindful awareness during the painting process, acknowledging the 21st-century global mindset – or screen – through which we now experience the world. As a response to our increasingly digital society, I paint expressively and intuitively: emphasising the human touch and imperfections, which are now often lost during the act of making.

My work is composed of, and at times cut into, novel geometric compositions, forming elements of selective symmetry in the overall asymmetric work. The expressive application of paint is brought to an inner harmony through the works underlying geometric structure: which serves as a map of exploration into the realm of the abstract. Archetypal motifs, imagery and phrases that I uncovered during the creative process are gesturally scratched and scraped into the surface of the work

Introspection is being replaced by distraction within modern society, I aim to challenge this through my art: by creating space for internal contemplation as the mind ponders over the abstract geometry and projects its own narrative upon it. Intentionally enigmatic the compositions create dissonance within the mind: our unconscious experiences and is aware of the underlying blueprint of the work, and comprehends it accordingly, however, the conscious mind overthinks the geometry, puzzling itself. This is symbolic of how our logical focused mind obstructs our view of reality”.

During his time at DJCAD, Lewis took part in several exhibitions across Dundee. He recently won both the James Guthrie Orchar Memorial and Farquar Reid Trust Prize, and was also shortlisted for the Freelands Painting Prize.


Our Motif, Our Belief
Acrylic and spray paint on board
35 x 35 cm

What Do You Mean By Conservative? I
Acrylic and spray paint on board
69 x 103 cm


2017 – 2020
BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice, First Class Honours, Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee.


(Upcoming), Fire Station Creative, Fife.

Freeland Painting Prize Exhibition (upcoming), Freelands Gallery, London.
DJCAD Graduate Showcase, Online.
Then & Now, Matthew Gallery DJCAD, Dundee.
That’s a Wrap… Almost, GENERATORprojects, Dundee.
It’s the Pits, DJCAD, Dundee.
River Deep Mountain High, Lamb Gallery, Dundee.
Members Show, GENERATORprojects, Dundee.
Controlled Entropy, Matthew Gallery DJCAD, Dundee.

Two Ways to Pet A Cat, Church, Dundee.
Members Show, Generator Projects, Dundee.
Dain Hing’s, Wild Rover, Dundee.

Our Space, DJCAD, Dundee.
Members Show, GENERATORprojects, Dundee.


James Guthrie Orchard Memorial Prize, Winner.
Farquhar Reid Trust Prize, Winner.
Freelands Foundation Painting Prize, Shortlisted.

Other Experience

2019 – 2020
Invigilator, Cooper Gallery, Dundee.