Lynsey MacKenzie

Lynsey MacKenzie
BA (Hons) Painting & Printmaking // Glasgow School of Art ’19

Lynsey initially graduated with a degree in Law. She then went on to study at the Leith School of Art, before graduating from GSA last year.

Lynsey approaches painting by combining ways of working; from memory and observations of her surroundings, to working intuitively, responding to marks and colours. Often one painting becomes a source for another.

She has a deep interest in the relationships between painting and time: the timelessness of painting, the non-linear accumulation of imagery and forms, and the way that painting takes both painter and viewer outwith time. The passage of time brings about flux. Order tends towards disorder. Lynsey searches for a feeling of space, of something fleeting, of nothing being quite pinned down. There is beauty in the brevity of things, and she is celebrating this.

“I view paintings as ‘time batteries’, containing the labour and thinking time within them, and thereby also containing the passage of time. The paintings trace time through motion-slippages and spillage meets dry brush, areas of static meet flat plane.

My work celebrates painting itself. Painting as object; the materiality of painting; and the atemporal nature of contemporary painting, where, thanks to the internet, all languages of painting are available to us simultaneously in a way they never have quite been before. This atemporality allows me to borrow and play with various painting languages. My works echo the lineage of feminist abstraction from Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell and Amy Sillman”.

Lynsey currently has work in three other online exhibitions. She has previously participated in exhibitions at the Royal Scottish Academy and St. Margaret’s House in Edinburgh, in addition to a number of galleries across the rest of Scotland and the UK. Her work has been acquired by several private collections in the UK and Ireland, as well as that of Dumfries House in Ayrshire and the Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation. Upon her most recent graduation, she won the Great Art Award, and was selected for the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition, as well as the Visual Arts Scotland Graduate Showcase (2019).

Pools I
Oil on canvas
20 x 20 cm

Pools II
Oil on canvas
20 x 20 cm


2016 – 2019
BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, First Class, Glasgow School of Art.

2014 – 2016
Painting Course, Leith School of Art.


Thoughts Are Free, Royal Glasgow Institute, Online (ongoing).
No Borders, Art Thou, Online (ongoing).
On The Table, Marram Arts, Online (ongoing).
Borders Art Fair, Borders Event Centre, Kelso.
RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
HERE AND NOW, SaltSpace Gallery, Glasgow.

SSA|VAS OPEN, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
LSA Festival Fundraiser, Leith School of Art, Edinburgh.
Control Tower Gallery Group Show, Kent.
Breakout Artists 2019, Art Pistol, Glasgow.
AucArt Lab Residency Show, London.
Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Glasgow.
VAS ALIGHT 2019, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
Tower View Solo Show, Kent.

Something Like That, The Glue Factory, Glasgow.
Quick! Before We Airbnb It, Elderslie Street, Glasgow.

Series Two, McLellan Gallery & Grace and Clarke Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow.
Toner Cartridge is almost empty, Stereo Cafe Bar, Glasgow.

Leith School of Art Summer Exhibition, Edinburgh.
Naked Aye Creep Me Oot, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh.

Leith School of Art Christmas Exhibition, Edinburgh
Naked Aye Shapes That Shift Desire, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh.
Leith School of Art End of Year Show, Edinburgh.

Leith School of Art Christmas Exhibition, Edinburgh.


SaltSpace Residency, Glasgow.
AucArt Lab Residency, London.

Dumfries House Residency, Ayrshire.


VAS Great Art Award
RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition 2020 Selected Artist
VAS Graduate Shortlisted Artist

Painting Prize, Leith School of Art.

Other Experience


RSA New Contemporaries 2020, The List.
RSA New Contemporaries 2020 Catalogue

Curated Member Showcase, Visual Arts Scotland.
Critic’s Choice, The Herald Magazine.
Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Extract from The Afternoon Show, BBC Radio Scotland.

Leith School of Art Summer Exhibition 2016, Edinburgh Reporter.


Dumfries House
Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation
Private collections, UK and Ireland.


Visual Arts Scotland Council Member
Society of Scottish Artists
Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
Scottish Artists Union