Matt Farr

Matt Farr
BA (Hons) Painting & Printmaking // Glasgow School of Art ’19

Matt is a Glasgow-based artist and two-time Blue Peter badge winner. He won the first badge in 2007 for coming third in a drawing competition. The other was won for some writing, that he “doesn’t remember entering into anything”.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Matt’s practice involved taking cinematic images and transforming them from their initial intent. By employing second-hand imagery sourced from films, and embedding them with the first-hand, he formed new narratives, which explored his own experience and personal feelings surrounding the limitations of masculinity, particularly in relation to mental health; the fictional other, stolen from cinema, used as a vessel for these feelings.

This culminated in a solo exhibition earlier this year, showcasing his series pertaining to the actor Paul Newman – exploring masculinity, and a possible antidote to its toxicity through Matt’s one-sided relationship with him.

During the pandemic, Matt’s practice has shifted focus.

“Looking back now, making over 100 pieces of work about a late Hollywood actor and salad sauce entrepreneur who I’d never met, was probably an attempt at escapism from my own life. Through lockdown, I’ve tried to build up another body of work, separate from Paul, to talk about life as it is now.

For me, this has meant making more work from life, and about the confines of my flat. An interview with John Stewart, political comedian, on noise and clarity struck a chord with me. Listens to Punk Quietly is an attempt to capture this strange time, and explore these notions of noise and clarity, as they pertain to mental health, technology, and the news”.

While at art school, Matt co-founded a weekly film club, and participated in exhibitions around Glasgow. His work is currently on display in Aon’s Leadenhall Building in London, having been selected as part of their Community Art Awards. He was also recently selected as part of the No Borders Initiative, an online group exhibition, run by Art Thou to raise funds for Maggie’s Centres.

Listens to Punk Quietly
Acrylic on canvas
90 x 200 cm


2016 – 2019
BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art.

2015 – 2016
Art and Design Foundation Diploma, Warwickshire College.


Aon Community Art Award, Aon, Leadenhall Building (ongoing).
No Borders Initiative, Art Thou, online.
P. NEWMAN, solo exhibition, Drawing Life Glasgow.

Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art, Stow College.
Recount, New Glasgow Society.

Quick Before We Air B&B It, solo exhibition.
Something Like That, The Glue Factory.

Summer Show, Princethorpe College.
Series Two, McLellan Galleries, Glasgow School of Art.

WIP, Stereo Café.
End of Year Show, Warwickshire College.


AON Community Art Award.
No Borders Initiative, Art Thou.

Other Experience

2018 – 2019
Studio Film Club Co-founder: a weekly film club inspired by screenings artists Peter Doig, Che Lovelace, and Chris Ofiliran in Trinidad. Each film was promoted by a poster made by a member of the Glasgow School of Art student body.