Rebecca Holloway

Rebecca Holloway
BA (Hons) Painting // Edinburgh College of Art ’18

Rebecca was born in Manchester, and now lives and works in California, having previously studied in Birmingham and Edinburgh.

“As an artist, I am broadly interested in the relations between nature and non-nature, or more precisely, the lack of binary between the two. Much of my work looks at the ways in which that what we call nature is understood. More importantly, I try to pay attention to the moments where said understanding fails.

I pull visual elements from a wide range of sources (daily life, walks, journalism, archives, memes, etc) and reconstruct them into paintings. I am very much drawn to the transformative potential of painting and the way this can play to ideas of redrawing boundaries of animal/environment/viewer, among other things.

I think of my work as various recreations of experiences, sightings, and imaginings. As such, it is specific to certain details and thereby acknowledges the selectivity of attention and memory. My approach to painting follows this, by playing with traditional oil painting techniques, exposing and brightening under layers. I use the work to study how singular images can be brought together to provoke a sense of atmosphere and coherent space. Through this, I intend to involve the viewer in acts of introversion and examination, providing a chance to slow down”.

These paintings exemplify Rebecca’s exploration of human relationships with plants and animals. She depicts the spaces we give to them, considering the ways we contort our lives and surroundings to include them. She notes how we often sanitise, restrict, or strip away the essential elements of nature of other living things to accommodate our human habits – seeking to bring back a sense of ‘otherness’ in her paintings which she feels is lost by human intervention.

In the Untitled painting, the cat is the focal point, with the rest of the elements falling into place around it. This reflects the artist’s desire to subvert the way pets are often seen as secondary to human presence, by making the cat the main character in this story.

Rebecca has exhibited her work in a variety of spaces in Edinburgh, including the Royal Scottish Academy, Teviot Row House, St Margaret’s House and Embassy gallery.

Oil on canvas
72 x 60 cm

Oil on canvas
40 x 50 cm


2014 – 2018
BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting, Edinburgh College of Art.

2013 – 2014
Foundation Art and Design, Birmingham City University.


F.E.E.L.S, Teviot Row House, Edinburgh.
ALIGHT, Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
The Postcard Exhibition, Resipole Gallery, Acharacle.

Emergence, Resipole Gallery, Acharacle.
Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art.
The Salon, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.

Running Up That Hill, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh.
Metamorphosis/Transformation, Syn Festival, Edinburgh.
Don Salon, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.
Summer flat show, West Nicholson St., Edinburgh.

Drawing on Drawing, Edinburgh College of Art.

Other Experience

Studio Assistant, Jane Frere, Edinburgh.

Artist’s Assistant, Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Volunteer Gallery Assistant, Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh.

2014 – Present
Freelance Illustrator