Sadie Stoddart

Sadie Stoddart
BA (Hons) Fine Art // Moray School of Art ’19

Sadie is an Inverness-based artist.

“My practice uses weeds as a metaphor to explore our relationships with the constructed narrative used by the media to discuss topics of a social, political and historical nature. The similarities in the language used to describe displaced plants and displaced people allow an exploration of issues such as control and belonging to be examined through a different lens.

By mimicking the open statements, that we feel compelled to have a view on, the absurdity of the language and the often inhumanity of the narratives used comes to light. These messages of many natures are absorbed by us as a society and woven into our everyday lives. Using collective voices and disjointed phrases I hope to question the impact this rhetoric has on us and our views on these subjects.

In my practice I have previously used low value, temporary materials, such as monoprints on newsprint, Plaster of Paris and found objects to further question the value of both the language and the ways in which they appear in our lives. The materials and processes used to create them have allowed me to mimic the repetitive, quick nature of the media and modern day news”.

Upon graduating, Sadie co-founded the Post Art collective with two other recent graduates, to provide a network to remain connected and motivated as their practices continue to evolve. She also became Circus Artspace’s first intern, and continues to help with the running of the gallery space as a committee member. In addition, she has been involved in the running of a number of workshops, including at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, where her work has also been exhibited.

Contradictions of a Dock Leaf
Collaged monoprint on newspaper
60 x 40 cm
Main piece NFS; A2 prints available for £30

Cultural Control
Collaged monoprint on newspaper
60 x 80 cm
Main piece NFS; A2 prints available for £30


2016 – 2019
BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class Honours, Moray School of Art, University of the Highlands and Islands.

2013 – 2016
NC Portfolio Course; HNC Contemporary Art Practice; HND Contemporary Art Practice, Unviersity of the Highlands and Islands Inverness Campus.


New Highland Contemporary 5, Nairn Book and Arts Festival.

Lonely Arts Exhibition, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery

Other Experience


ERZ Architecture Firm (postponed)

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
Inverness Active Travel


Circus Artspace

2019 – 2018
Resonate Disseminate, Grampian Hospital Arts Trust.


2019 – Present
Circus Artspace Committee
Post Art Collective