Sarah Strachan

Sarah Strachan
BA (Hons) Fine Art // Cambridge School of Art ’20

Sarah is a Cambridge-based artist with a background in geography.

“I am interested in how our perception of being in, knowing and belonging to the world affects our ecological awareness and thinking. In my multi-disciplinary practice I approach environmental changes through research, collaboration and deep connections with the land, its people and its materials. I explore my ideas through printmaking, painting and ceramics, as a means of making sense of the world, often fusing sound and/or moving image into the final installation. Situated in the context of the Arte Povera and land art movements, my work seeks to question, or disrupt, habitual perspectives through the liminality of objects, materials and spaces.

The Objects Listening series consists of ceramic vessels imagined as mediators of sound and information. Poised as apparatuses of quantum listening, they tune into more than one reality simultaneously, in a bid to capture micro-sensations occurring in the space between humans and objects. These are bodies of water, connected through their materiality.

Inspired by a period of pulsatile tinnitus, the sensation of a rhythmical noise at the same rate as the heart, the sound element of this work alludes to the visceral perception of our own, often inaudible internal soundscape.

In addition to the relation of the self to the shared space and our surroundings, this work also alludes to the power and politics of listening. Think of listening in terms of processes of self-creation, territorial sound-making, scientific forms of listening and listening as part of surveillance and control”.

Sarah’s work has been exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, in addition to numerous venues across England. She has spoken at several conferences and events, and has contributed to a variety of publications. This year, she was shortlisted for the Sustainability First Art Prize, and was also awarded as highly commended in the Dr Supanee Gazeley Fine Art Prize.

Objects Listening II
Ceramics, water, tubular steel frame, hydrophones, digital recorder, speaker, headphones
100 cm x 40 x 40 cm
Price available on request


BA (Hons) Fine Art, Cambridge School of Art.


Materiality (online)
Do it Your Way (online)
Present Graduate Showcase, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (online)
Sustainability Art Prize, Cambridge (online).
Fracture, Motion Sickness, Cambridge (postponed).
Queen’s Art Festival, Queen’s College, Cambridge.
Transition, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.
Environmental Crisis: Art and Science, Gerald Moore Gallery, London.
The Art of Watching Art, Motion Sickness, Cambridge.

This Changes Everything, Motion Sickness, Cambridge.
Annual Open, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.
Return to Nature, Legacy Art Gallery, Todmorden.
Thoughtful Planet 3, Thought Foundation, Gateshead.
Art at the ARB Cambridge Summer Open, Cambridge.
Making Marks – Art on the wall – Summer Show, Richmond.
Sustainability Art Prize, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge.
Deuxieme, Ruskin Gallery Corridor, CambridgeConnextions, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.
Merge, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge.
Vision, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge.

Mill Road Winter Fair Art Salon, Gallery 9, Cambridge.
Sense of Place, White Room Gallery @ Yellow Arch, Sheffield.
50 under 50, Unit 6 Studio & Gallery, Richmond.
The Archive & the Contested Landscape, Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.
Open gardens & sculpture trail, Saltaire Festival.
TreeFEST, EACH, Ipswich, UKPOST 24, Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge.
UKSustainability Art Prize, Cambridge.


Sustainability First Art Prize, shortlisted.
Dr Supanee Gazeley Fine Art Prize, highly commended.
Sustainability Art Prize, highly commended.

Artrooms Awards – Sculpture, shortlisted.
Institute of East Anglian Artists Open, shortlisted.
Royal Scottish Academy Annual Open, shortlisted.
Royal West of England Academy Annual Open, shortlisted.
RA Summer Exhibition, shortlisted.
Visual Art Open Prize, shortlisted.
Sustainability Art Prize, shortlisted.

RA Summer Exhibition, shortlisted.
Visual Art Open Prize, shortlisted.
Sustainability Art Prize, shortlisted.

Other Experience


Ways of Thinking, Ruskin Press.

ROAR, ArtEarth.
Can Art Change Minds About Climate Change? Storylab symposium review.
Making Creativity Pay, Storylab workshop review.

The Archive and Contested Landscape exhibition review

Conferences and Events

British Science Festival, Geology and Art workshop (postponed).
London Conference in Critical Thought, Common Ground between Geology and Art (online).
Cambridge Science Festival, Mesopotamian Mud: a voyage though voice and vessel, workshop (cancelled).
Happy Habits, Queens Federation, workshop.
Cambridge Arts Network Conference, article for conference programme.

Arts Festival, Queens Federationm workshop.
Cambridge Arts Network Conference, speaker.

Festival of ideas 2018, The Archive and the Contested Landscape, speaker.