Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers
BA (Hons) Painting & Printmaking // Glasgow School of Art ’17

Tim is based in Glasgow, having previously lived in the North West of England.

“In my work I explore capturing and representing ephemeral moments relating to the everyday, memory and narrative. Throughout my degree and after, I have explored these themes through abstraction and mark making. However, more recently I have used photographs as a reference and starting points for pieces while still exploring a relationship between abstraction and figuration.

In this painting, my reference point was my own photograph taken while travelling last year in Mexico. The original photograph being a view from a car window travelling out of Mexico City. What attracted me to this photograph from other images I had taken, was the colour and composition. The two vehicles passing, the stripe of yellow from the road pillars, the electrical masks and cable lines as well as the buildings in the distance climbing up the hillside. What I wanted to capture in the work was the chaos of everyday life in Mexico or what we would perceive as an unregulated or a chaotic way of living; relating to the beauty in that but also the sensory experience of travelling or living somewhere foreign and reflecting my experience and feelings while travelling.

Embodying and translating these themes through use of materials, I thin down paint and use a large brush to apply layers onto an un-primed canvas where the raw canvas and layers underneath can show through, building up texture and complexity. Later, defining sections of the composition with thicker paint.

Historically, I have been influenced by Romantic painters and Mexican painters such as David Alfuro Siqueriros, Frida Kahlo and Pastor Velazquez whose work I witnessed in galleries while abroad. Key texts I have been influenced by include; Leo Steinberg’s, ‘Reflections on the State of Criticism’ published in 1972 and Rosalind Krauss’s essay ‘Rauschenberg and the Materialised Image’ published in 1974”.

Tim’s past exhibitions include group shows in Glasgow and Tameside, Manchester.


View From Car Window (Mexico)
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 93 cm


2014 – 2017
BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art.


GSA Degree Show Exhibition, Tontine Building, Glasgow.

Serving Suggestion, The Glue Factory, Glasgow.

2 Years Licked, Grace and Clarke Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow.

End of Course Show, Tameside College, Manchester.