Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang
MFA Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art ’20

Wei was born in China and now lives in Glasgow. They previously obtained a Master’s in Filmmaking and Media Arts from the University of Glasgow.

For the past decade, Wei has been honing their skills in video art, experimental animation, photography and installation. They have been utilizing varieties of digital-based post-production technologies for their art projects, with topics ranging from concepts of sex, gender, sexuality, the body and Chinese culture.

“Father, Dad, Daddy is an experimental video, which hybridizes abstract digital art, group performance, text, 2D and 3D animation. As a Queer artist, I look at Western LGBTQ+ politics and identities through a cautious perspective. Western LGBTQ+ politics and identities are successful to improve the quality of life of queer people to some extent worldwide, yet these politics and identities are completely developed by the experience of Western people, which have been formed as a global standard of civilization to request the Global South to imitate.

Some Asian queer theorists and sociologists are concerned that may drop into the process of ‘global homogenization’ and ‘homocolonism’. Under the process of economic and cultural globalization, these experts believe that proposing the queer hybridization model (instead of local essentialism) can avoid these two processes.

The queer hybridization model aims to broaden the edge of queer theory, and develop specific Asian (ethnical) sexual experience, identities via considering the local cultural values and political ideology. This work, as a little footstone, discusses the feasibility of the queer hybridization model and tries to enforce Chinese queer identity to deconstruct the dichotomy in sex, gender and sexuality, challenge heteronormativity and homonormativity in China, avoid potential ‘global homogenization’ and ‘homocolonism’. Moreover, gain more attention for Chinese queer communities, who are suffering from the indigenous social prejudice, discrimination, and stigma, from the Chinese government”.

Wei has exhibited their work at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, in addition to a several venues in Glasgow. This year, they were awarded a grant by the Centre for Contemporary Art’s Intermedia Gallery. Past achievements include being selected to display work by the SQIFF Shorts: Queer Scotland Festival (2019), and also being nominated for the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, TMFF Monthly Film Festival and Big Fandom Film Festival awards (2017).


Father, Dad, Daddy (Trailer)
27 mins

Click here to view the full video


MFA Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art.
MSc Filmmaking and Media Arts, University of Glasgow.


2x+xy=1, The Art School, Glasgow (upcoming).

Artprideintl., (online).
SSA/VSA, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

SQIFF, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow.
MFA Interim Show, The Glue Factory, Glasgow.
Three, The Garment Factory, Glasgow.


Experimental Residency: group performance with new materials, Tontine, Glasgow.


The project ‘Order G’ was granted by the Intermedia Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow.

The moving images ‘2x+xy=1’ were selected by SQIFF Shorts: Queer Scotland.

Short film ‘Undercurrent’ was nominated by Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards; TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival; Big Fandom Film Festival.

Other Experience

Making Space – Queering Space, Workshop, Milk Café, Glasgow.